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After a stressful and exhausting working day, you deserve to be pampered with our best therapies, take your stressful workouts and enjoy our happy time with us!

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Gel Nails

A little different from acrylic, gel nails are odorless and curved with UV lights. Customers like their flexibility and weightlessness. Using gel liquid and gel powder, we'll create natural look, permanently French manicured nails at your desired length. These nails are beautiful and are always shiny and glossy, you won't want to wear polish. They also stay longer and better because the gel coat reduces the absorbency of water by 90%. They are recommended for people whose hands are frequently in water and ones with brittle nails.


Kid Services

Bring your children to our salon, the friendly & skillful staff ensures to take care as thorough as they can and give them the best experience ever



For everyday care, try this manicure to keep your nails healthy. Includes nail trim, shape, buff, cuticle trim, massage, & polish, for a lovely appearance



This pampering treatment relieves stress while soothing and cooling your tired feet. Sit back & enjoy the relaxing massage of our spa pedicure cha

Choose a day to enjoy the relaxation, work left to let us we will service you as a king